Water Loss During Fasting – Beware

Prof. Dr. Muhsin Vulture, fasting, those who shed, sahurda breakfast and aqueous foods, iftar in the soup, boiled vegetables as well as the type and suggested to consume foods.

Those who fasted against water loss to be careful in hot weather Prof calls. Dr.Vulture, 2-2.5 liters of water consumption of iftarla asked sahur. lifestyle change diet emphasizes Prof. month of Ramadan and the number of meals.Dr. Muhsin Vulture, so the body needs calories and fluid requirements should be set in a balanced way, he said. Stating people fasting will remain open throughout the day. Dr. Vulture, “For this reason, the energy and nutrients to be taken during the day, sahurda, iftar and 1-2 meals spread on a wide period of time. Adequate and balanced diet should be taken,” he said. ‘Do not skimp on sahurda eggs’ instead of overeating before bedtime wanting to do would encourage sahura University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Department of Public Health. Dr. Muhsin Vulture, said: “sahur meals instead of heavy oil and light breakfast foods, foods high in water content should be preferred. cheese varieties, milk, dairy products and foods that are high in protein, such as eggs, as well as easy on the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness for longer . eggs should not be missing from the banquet table of sahur. Moreover yogurt, buttermilk, and tzatziki due to the consumption of beneficial bacteria in the intestines helps to work regularly. sahurda sweet also required, must be consumed with mild milky desserts. Baklava sweets as well as heavy oil could stress your stomach too. beverage as the milk, tea, freshly squeezed fruit juice, vegetable or fruit tea can be consumed. “‘WATER FOR’ Iftar is done after a long period of starvation Prof. reminiscent. Dr. Vulture, said: “iftar meal suddenly be eaten quickly. possible, start with soups, main meals should be continued. nutrients very well chewed, eaten slowly. iftar still heavy meals should not be eaten more. More light and healthy cooking and roasting foods rather than to , boiled, grilled, steamed or prepared in the oven with cooking methods. Meat, meat or meatless vegetable dishes, rice, pasta, grains, such as brown bread, food legumes, yogurt, buttermilk, tzatziki, salad, fruit, high in fiber, such as three kinds of alternatives created by selecting an Iftar dinner will be easier to digest. Iftar between sahur with fresh fruit, milk, yogurt consumption will be more useful alternatives. Thirst iftar and sahur even if there 2-2.5 liters of water should be drunk. 1-2 hours after breaking the fast activities such as walking to be appropriate in terms of health. “