Missing Kid Found Dead

Ditch the district of Sakarya, who disappeared last Saturday while playing by the river and 3 days for Uludere anywhere in the sack last night for seven-year-old Omar Den’s body was found naked form. Neighborhood residents, the thief began to escape the sight of their chests and backs of the person carrying the sack, sack, then scored from inside the body, he said.

Mills Family, children living in the neighborhood of the town of Den Den Omar ditch, playing with the edge of the river on Saturday around 15:00 Uludere disappeared. The family told the police could not find their children until the evening hours. Police examined CCTV footage of a primary school in the area towards the forest area gittiğni detected Umar. However, there was no trace of the child despite all the calls made. Omar municipal speaker in order to make announcements. Directorate of Civil Defense Association of Search and Rescue teams and the area along the river for 3 days Uludere calls made ​​ponds close to the water and could not get a result. ALLEGED You threw the sack last night due to the onset of Ramadan, sitting in front of a group of houses up sahura residents, clock 02:00 queues a person who saw the sack on his back. Suspect was seen panicked when I noticed a sack on his back while he tried to escape. However, by taking a sack, then ran away. In the neighborhood who would steal the bag, looked at the inside of the opening was shocked to see the naked body of an exploded airspeed. Notice the police and the public prosecutor came on the scene. Anywhere in the body for three days Laden determined to belong to Omar.The first examination, the child’s body was believed to have been killed by drowning were beginning to rot. The body was sent to Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death. Viewing cameras, the police find in the area MOBESE determined by an unidentified suspect was 60 years of age. Police continue to research to find the suspect. days, waiting to hear good news in the bitter Omar relatives drowned in tears.