Meets Rizeliler Town Square

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality begins on 20th Ramadan Activities Town Square.During the month of Ramadan, which will stand at the town square Sakarya Rizeliler Association (RİDER) President Hasan Gear, “the need for 30 days RİDER Rizeli hemşerilerimizle Sakaryalı to meet our brothers and sisters in the City Square. Aug. 4 on Sunday night, the scene within the context of the town square, the public Our team will perform in games, “he said. Ramadan activities this year, as every year, will be the center town square, home to colorful events on the one hand while, on the other hand, started the promotion of associations jollify stantlarıyla. In this context, Sakarya Rizeliler Association (RİDER) would stand in the town square.RİDER, promotional activities will continue throughout the month of Ramadan. Mr. Hasan opened RİDER booth providing information on Town Square Drive, “Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Rizeliler Association participating in the activities undertaken by the Town Square during the month of Ramadan. RİDER to hemşerilerimizle Rizeli Sakaryalı for 30 days to meet our brothers and sisters in the City Square. August 4th Sunday night, the town square within the context of the scene, will perform folk dance team. Sakaryalı tonight, especially our brothers and sisters and all the citizens of Rize, welcome our friends. Moreover, giving us a niceSakarya Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Zeki Toçoğlu ’thanks to the offer. Own the best way to promote our culture, our people will do whatever we can to be together. Ramadan I wish to be blessing to all our people, “he said. - Sakarya