Marriage To Malaysian

Who SAKARYALI 25-year-old Mahmoud Sami, 5 years, 19-year-old Maria do business in Malaysia, he met and got married in Adapazarı with Ahia. Maria Muslim ‘Merve’ got its name.

Mahmoud Sami engaged in import and export business Sen, five years in Malaysia, where he met with Maria Ahia decided to marry. Malaysian guests attended the wedding of the couple in the district of Sakarya Erenler. Cavit Ozturk were those who killed a living nihaktan Mayor Huseyin Bas before the county grand mufti who was present at the ceremony, word-i Martyr Maria, took the name of a Muslim Merve. After the ceremony, the wedding crowd with a guest ensemble, the Holy Koran reading and ended up with Sufi music. After the wedding the happy couple learned that their lives will continue in Malaysia.