Life At Sea

Karasu district of Sakarya young people entering the Black Sea, to cool down, about to drown jetskili rescued by lifeguards.

Ibrahim Tika into the sea to cool off the coast of Karasu (29), opened with a swim from the shore. Tika leg cramp after a while entering the water began to sank. Who is drowning in the water splashing on the beach lifeguard team Tıkan’ın asking for help, rushed to the aid of the young jet. Jetskideki lifeguard jumped into the water to drown, which is one of the Tıkan’ı saved. Removed from the land Jetskiye Tika. 112 emergency duty team made ​​the first intervention Tıkan’a beach. Tika ambulance transported with the help of the citizens, the ambulance came to him after the intervention. Karasu Mayor Mehmet İspiroğlu, Cihan News Agency (Cihan) announced that 9 of 15 lifeguard tower, with four jet intervene in cases of drowning, he said.Lifeguards rescued 48 people from drowning in June, began his career record İspiroğlu, “The last four years, a thousand 800 people rescued from drowning by cankurtaranlarımız. County are doing the task in the center of the 10-kilometer stretch of beach and seaside villages also offer upon request.’s Health can come at the beginning of everything. Citizens rescue teams would like to comply with warnings. “ , he said. On the other hand, young people displayed in salvaging the moment, second by second.