About Sakarya

Adapazarı is the capital city of Sakarya Province on Turkey’s coast with the Black Sea. As one of the major metropolitan areas of Turkey, the city has grown continuously since the mid-1950s. Tragedy struck the entire region in 1999 when a strong earthquake rocked the city and delivered substantial damage.

Sakarya, formerly Adapazarı ,  city, northwestern Turkey, lying in a fertile plain west of the Sakarya River. It is situated along the old military road from Istanbul. The region came under Ottoman control in the early 14th century, and the city acquired its present name at the end of the 18th century. An agricultural and industrial centre, Sakarya is connected by a branch line to the main Anatolian railway system by which its wheat, tobacco, fruits, and vegetables are transported to the Istanbul markets. The city has a large sugar beet processing plant. A

More than a decade later, the city is back on its feet and pursuing new forms of transportation to improve the lives of citizens. The Center for Sustainable Transport in Turkey (SUM-Türkiye) is working with the Sakarya Transportation Department on developing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and a city parking policy.


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increase in air particulate matter concentrations between 2007-2009