Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program – Sakarya

SGP-GEF and Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) Commission on Environmental Cooperation Sustainable Sakarya Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality carried out paydaşlığıyla Climate-Friendly Lighting Project Greenhouse Gas Education Program was held.

Ali Coskun, a large number of education in the Conference Hall of SATSO engineerattended the meeting. Vice Chairman of the Programme SATSO Gunay Sun made the opening speech. The scope of work in the city of Sakarya sustainable practices to promote energy efficiency in public buildings, public awareness creation and dissemination of the maintarget determined as indicating that the Sun, “This is in line with the target goal of the project was developed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sakarya Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Gold Standard sustainable development strategy for the city,” he said.

Turkey in a never beforeprojectthey are throwing the signature gold then Vice President of the Board of Directors SATSO draws the sun, he went on to say, “This is the nature of the project is first of its kind in the region. This feature works greenhouse gas inventory which will be held next to the Gold Standard projects Sustainable Cities project, which will be base, and the visibility of the work will be repeated on an annual basis every year to put out a quantitative sense. This inventory, which will be held on an annual basis by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality will contribute directly to the work of the project, and in this way the effects of continuously measuring the sustainability of the project will be provided. These studies formed the draft climate change action plan, which will be determined in accordance with the objectives that will take place will be repeated until the result. Determined as a result of many projects for Turkey in the province of Sakarya in 2023 as the year of the draft climate change action plan is expected to result. This draft will be created on the basis of project outcomes to be achieved with the existing commitment to reduction of greenhouse gas emission levels will be addressed. This way you will be able to expand the project and ensuring the continuity of the results. I wish this project will be beneficial to paydaşlığındaki Metropolitan Municipality, “he said.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department Cigdem Yilmazprojecthighlighted the importance of. In many projects, some of which have been put forward, but like a flash in the pan that was implemented, Cigdem has gone out, “This project is down to earth, a project that far yet. So much care about a project, “he said.

A lot more livable for Sakarya Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality projectCrocus indicating that produces and implements projects one by one, HES highlighted the importance of the project. Crocus, “HPP Projectnaturalsource of energy will be transferred to the investment by contributing to protecting the environment even. Energy production will start very soon, “he said, and sustainable thanks to those who contributed to the Sakarya Climate-Friendly Lighting Project.

SATSO Chairman of the Environment Committee, and Project Coordinator Önol Thassos, first SATSO Environmental Commission’s mission and vision, and then project about informationgave. SATSO Environmental Commission that was established in 2010, Thassos, “Mission SATSO Environmental Commission, the development of environmental awareness in Sakarya,natural Tap the protection of soil, air and water monitoring and negative factors onfutureimprove the collective wisdom of generations to leave a more livable city to work. Sakarya SATSO Environmental Commission’s visionnature practices and environmental awareness is a priority, a place to create a model city of the lot to be desired, “he said.

Sustainable city of the province of Sakarya process of adaptation to climate change in public buildings within the scope of work to promote energy-efficient practices, intended to promote and create awareness of the public records of the Environment Committee Chairman SATSO Önol Thassos, “Today, half the world’s population lives in cities. As of 2015, over 1 billion people live in more than 350 cities and the number of people living in cities in 2030 are expected to approach 5 billion. İstanbul ’s industry within the scope of urban transformation, purification of the Asian and European trade routes along with the proximity to the province of Sakarya, both the raw material andnaturalresources to be a point of attraction for its proximity to industrial facilities, similar cities in the world has increased to 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, “he said.

After the speeches, training began. The Gold Standard Foundation 7-hour training Ubay Güçlüsoy Spring Turkey Coordinator, The Gold Standard Foundation Mr.Abhishek Bansal and Technical Coordinator of the Sustainable Cities ProgrammeExpertDr.Vikash given by Italy. Referring to the importance of education in this project, the municipalities, the municipalities of greenhouse gas emissions for the calculations described.

International International Climate Change Regime and about the introduction of policies for carbon marketinformationSpring Ubay Güçlüsoy that, “Climate change is no longer a permanent guests. We have to learn to live with it. Temperature rise of 4 points between 2020 and 2060 in the world to live, “he said.