Fasting Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Sakarya University, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Akdemir Ramadan, fasting reduces the risk of heart attack, he said. Akdemir, heart patients, the most common questions about the beginning of the month of Ramadan, fasting is that would increase the risk of heart attack, said: “Fasting, on the contrary, increase the risk of heart attack decreases.” she said.

Prof. Dr. Akdemir Ramadan, fasting, benefits for heart health is mentioned, recent heart surgery, heart disease, those with advanced disease, you need to take medication required during the day under the sun, fasting patients with severe heart catches a drawback here is that the non-employees, or even beneficial, he said. Advises heart patients to consume plenty of fluids between iftar and sahur Akdemir, drugs can be set according to schedule it expressed iftar and sahur. Akdemir, “We see tecrübemizce fasting for a lot of sick people. Both spiritually, and physically are happy. Moreover, clinical trials of fasting claimed to be useful in human health and heart health. However, heart patients should keep fasting in consultation with their doctors. “ , he said.cardiac patients, to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, which calls for the Akdemir, also eating at iftar fast and very inconvenient, he added.