Australian Cheap Tyres Company Invests In Sarkaya

Australian cheap tyres company, based in Sydney has recently invested in Sarkaya buying a warehouse and employing a staff of 30.

“We believe that Sarkaya is in need of a place that provides high quality tyres for a low price”, Nick Tslotski, Operations Manager said.

The people of Sarkaya have already bought over 1000 used tyres from Nick since commencing operation 3 months ago.



Meets Rizeliler Town Square

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality begins on 20th Ramadan Activities Town Square.During the month of Ramadan, which will stand at the town square Sakarya Rizeliler Association (RİDER) President Hasan Gear, “the need for 30 days RİDER Rizeli hemşerilerimizle Sakaryalı to meet our brothers and sisters in the City Square. Aug. 4 on Sunday night, the scene within the context of the town square, the public Our team will perform in games, “he said. Ramadan activities this year, as every year, will be the center town square, home to colorful events on the one hand while, on the other hand, started the promotion of associations jollify stantlarıyla. In this context, Sakarya Rizeliler Association (RİDER) would stand in the town square.RİDER, promotional activities will continue throughout the month of Ramadan. Mr. Hasan opened RİDER booth providing information on Town Square Drive, “Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Rizeliler Association participating in the activities undertaken by the Town Square during the month of Ramadan. RİDER to hemşerilerimizle Rizeli Sakaryalı for 30 days to meet our brothers and sisters in the City Square. August 4th Sunday night, the town square within the context of the scene, will perform folk dance team. Sakaryalı tonight, especially our brothers and sisters and all the citizens of Rize, welcome our friends. Moreover, giving us a niceSakarya Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Zeki Toçoğlu ’thanks to the offer. Own the best way to promote our culture, our people will do whatever we can to be together. Ramadan I wish to be blessing to all our people, “he said. - Sakarya

New Corolla To Be Maid In Sakarya

New Corolla re Sakarya (Adapazari) produced in Turkey due to the start of the Toyota European French President Didier Leroy, continuous shrinkage of the market in Europe, although Toyota continued to grow since 2010, he said.

Adapazari, started the production of the new Corolla, which stated that an important role in the growth Leroy, “The new Corolla, the new RAV4, the new Auris and Sports Touring in Europe, and the new Verso is designed and produced in Turkey, along with the enhancement of the current strength . And, forced to raise the market share of the European market has made ​​possible, “he said. GLOBAL HEAD WAS a global export hub for Toyota, saying that Turkey Leroy, said: “Russia, the Middle East ’, or, in North Africa, Central Europe ‘or short, we can export anywhere identified as a hub. Due to this key position in global exports to Turkey can play a central function. The other key factor is the enlargement of the internal market. Turkey, which is Europe’s biggest pazarlarımızla gap is closing. In addition, Turkey, geographical terms, linking East and West is ideally located, has many other advantages. This is the heart of Turkey’s European operations’ as a leading manufacturing center, ensures a dynamic future. ”

France ’t you just keep football

TOYOTA European French President Didier Leroy, Adapazarı, next to the Corolla Verso and the third is related to whether to generate a model, “which currently do not have a final decision on the location where the vehicle, but Turkey has a lot of potential. If such a decision, Turkey will be one of the most powerful competitors. In the same way that there is no decision to Valenciennes factory. I’m french, France, since the preference can not be caused by disuse. France not only against Turkey footballmatch it. ”

Marriage To Malaysian

Who SAKARYALI 25-year-old Mahmoud Sami, 5 years, 19-year-old Maria do business in Malaysia, he met and got married in Adapazarı with Ahia. Maria Muslim ‘Merve’ got its name.

Mahmoud Sami engaged in import and export business Sen, five years in Malaysia, where he met with Maria Ahia decided to marry. Malaysian guests attended the wedding of the couple in the district of Sakarya Erenler. Cavit Ozturk were those who killed a living nihaktan Mayor Huseyin Bas before the county grand mufti who was present at the ceremony, word-i Martyr Maria, took the name of a Muslim Merve. After the ceremony, the wedding crowd with a guest ensemble, the Holy Koran reading and ended up with Sufi music. After the wedding the happy couple learned that their lives will continue in Malaysia.

Water Loss During Fasting – Beware

Prof. Dr. Muhsin Vulture, fasting, those who shed, sahurda breakfast and aqueous foods, iftar in the soup, boiled vegetables as well as the type and suggested to consume foods.

Those who fasted against water loss to be careful in hot weather Prof calls. Dr.Vulture, 2-2.5 liters of water consumption of iftarla asked sahur. lifestyle change diet emphasizes Prof. month of Ramadan and the number of meals.Dr. Muhsin Vulture, so the body needs calories and fluid requirements should be set in a balanced way, he said. Stating people fasting will remain open throughout the day. Dr. Vulture, “For this reason, the energy and nutrients to be taken during the day, sahurda, iftar and 1-2 meals spread on a wide period of time. Adequate and balanced diet should be taken,” he said. ‘Do not skimp on sahurda eggs’ instead of overeating before bedtime wanting to do would encourage sahura University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Department of Public Health. Dr. Muhsin Vulture, said: “sahur meals instead of heavy oil and light breakfast foods, foods high in water content should be preferred. cheese varieties, milk, dairy products and foods that are high in protein, such as eggs, as well as easy on the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness for longer . eggs should not be missing from the banquet table of sahur. Moreover yogurt, buttermilk, and tzatziki due to the consumption of beneficial bacteria in the intestines helps to work regularly. sahurda sweet also required, must be consumed with mild milky desserts. Baklava sweets as well as heavy oil could stress your stomach too. beverage as the milk, tea, freshly squeezed fruit juice, vegetable or fruit tea can be consumed. “‘WATER FOR’ Iftar is done after a long period of starvation Prof. reminiscent. Dr. Vulture, said: “iftar meal suddenly be eaten quickly. possible, start with soups, main meals should be continued. nutrients very well chewed, eaten slowly. iftar still heavy meals should not be eaten more. More light and healthy cooking and roasting foods rather than to , boiled, grilled, steamed or prepared in the oven with cooking methods. Meat, meat or meatless vegetable dishes, rice, pasta, grains, such as brown bread, food legumes, yogurt, buttermilk, tzatziki, salad, fruit, high in fiber, such as three kinds of alternatives created by selecting an Iftar dinner will be easier to digest. Iftar between sahur with fresh fruit, milk, yogurt consumption will be more useful alternatives. Thirst iftar and sahur even if there 2-2.5 liters of water should be drunk. 1-2 hours after breaking the fast activities such as walking to be appropriate in terms of health. “

Fasting Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Sakarya University, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Akdemir Ramadan, fasting reduces the risk of heart attack, he said. Akdemir, heart patients, the most common questions about the beginning of the month of Ramadan, fasting is that would increase the risk of heart attack, said: “Fasting, on the contrary, increase the risk of heart attack decreases.” she said.

Prof. Dr. Akdemir Ramadan, fasting, benefits for heart health is mentioned, recent heart surgery, heart disease, those with advanced disease, you need to take medication required during the day under the sun, fasting patients with severe heart catches a drawback here is that the non-employees, or even beneficial, he said. Advises heart patients to consume plenty of fluids between iftar and sahur Akdemir, drugs can be set according to schedule it expressed iftar and sahur. Akdemir, “We see tecrübemizce fasting for a lot of sick people. Both spiritually, and physically are happy. Moreover, clinical trials of fasting claimed to be useful in human health and heart health. However, heart patients should keep fasting in consultation with their doctors. “ , he said.cardiac patients, to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, which calls for the Akdemir, also eating at iftar fast and very inconvenient, he added.

Life At Sea

Karasu district of Sakarya young people entering the Black Sea, to cool down, about to drown jetskili rescued by lifeguards.

Ibrahim Tika into the sea to cool off the coast of Karasu (29), opened with a swim from the shore. Tika leg cramp after a while entering the water began to sank. Who is drowning in the water splashing on the beach lifeguard team Tıkan’ın asking for help, rushed to the aid of the young jet. Jetskideki lifeguard jumped into the water to drown, which is one of the Tıkan’ı saved. Removed from the land Jetskiye Tika. 112 emergency duty team made ​​the first intervention Tıkan’a beach. Tika ambulance transported with the help of the citizens, the ambulance came to him after the intervention. Karasu Mayor Mehmet İspiroğlu, Cihan News Agency (Cihan) announced that 9 of 15 lifeguard tower, with four jet intervene in cases of drowning, he said.Lifeguards rescued 48 people from drowning in June, began his career record İspiroğlu, “The last four years, a thousand 800 people rescued from drowning by cankurtaranlarımız. County are doing the task in the center of the 10-kilometer stretch of beach and seaside villages also offer upon request.’s Health can come at the beginning of everything. Citizens rescue teams would like to comply with warnings. “ , he said. On the other hand, young people displayed in salvaging the moment, second by second.

Missing Kid Found Dead

Ditch the district of Sakarya, who disappeared last Saturday while playing by the river and 3 days for Uludere anywhere in the sack last night for seven-year-old Omar Den’s body was found naked form. Neighborhood residents, the thief began to escape the sight of their chests and backs of the person carrying the sack, sack, then scored from inside the body, he said.

Mills Family, children living in the neighborhood of the town of Den Den Omar ditch, playing with the edge of the river on Saturday around 15:00 Uludere disappeared. The family told the police could not find their children until the evening hours. Police examined CCTV footage of a primary school in the area towards the forest area gittiğni detected Umar. However, there was no trace of the child despite all the calls made. Omar municipal speaker in order to make announcements. Directorate of Civil Defense Association of Search and Rescue teams and the area along the river for 3 days Uludere calls made ​​ponds close to the water and could not get a result. ALLEGED You threw the sack last night due to the onset of Ramadan, sitting in front of a group of houses up sahura residents, clock 02:00 queues a person who saw the sack on his back. Suspect was seen panicked when I noticed a sack on his back while he tried to escape. However, by taking a sack, then ran away. In the neighborhood who would steal the bag, looked at the inside of the opening was shocked to see the naked body of an exploded airspeed. Notice the police and the public prosecutor came on the scene. Anywhere in the body for three days Laden determined to belong to Omar.The first examination, the child’s body was believed to have been killed by drowning were beginning to rot. The body was sent to Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death. Viewing cameras, the police find in the area MOBESE determined by an unidentified suspect was 60 years of age. Police continue to research to find the suspect. days, waiting to hear good news in the bitter Omar relatives drowned in tears.